commit 5 to advance gender-smart investing

Our personal and organizational investment decisions are a unique opportunity to strive towards a world where gender equality is the new norm, accelerating economic and societal prosperity.

These 5 commitments have been developed by a group of industry leaders and individual investors at the  GenderSmart Investing Summit in London November 1st and 2nd 2018 and signed by over 50 individuals and organizations so far.

We invite you to sign on to the 5 commitments as inspiration to use your investments, and those of your clients, as a smart way to 1) close the economic gender gap and 2) achieve better sustainable investment outcomes.

How have the commitments been used so far?
As individual reminder, as part of agreements and contracts, as training material.

You can sign the commitments as individual or on behalf of your organization.

you are a gender-smart Investor if you.....

1. Conscious investment decisions

I will make conscious investment decisions recognising the value and influence of both women and men in factors such as leadership, governance, value chains, and customers from a societal, sustainability and investor perspective.

2. Biases

I will be mindful of my and other’s biases and strive to eliminate them.

3. Opportunities and support

I will seek opportunities to include and support gender equity and engage with investees and co-investors on gender action plans wherever reasonable. 

4. Advocacy

I will be an advocate and raise awareness about the benefits of gender-smart investing.

5. Data transparency

I will be transparent and make available any relevant data for gender-smart investing as appropriate.

We step beyond boundaries by working together in a collaborative manner as men and women, investors and investees, in public and private sectors, across the racial and ethnic spectrum, to facilitate the necessary strategic movement of capital towards gender equity.

I commit